fol. 9v     

In the top compartment: on the right are the crowned Pharaoh and his daughter, at table. The crowned infant Moses, who is sitting between them, is taking off Pharaoh’s crown. Inscribed: המלך ובתו אוכלים על השולחן ומשה שלח את ידו ולקח העטרה מעל ראש המלך ועשה אותה על ראשו “The king and his daughter were eating at the table, and Moses stretched out his hand and took the crown off the king’s head and did it (sic) on his head.” Next to Pharaoh a knight is kneeling with his hands clasped on his chest. On the left stand three of Pharaoh’s magicians: Jethro, Balaam and Job, one of them holding out a white flying banderole (no inscription). — In the lower compartment: on the right, the infant Moses is taking a piece of red live coal out of a gold vessel and is about to put his other hand in his mouth. His hand is directed by the winged angel Gabriel descending from heaven, while the crowned Pharaoh sits behind him holding a sword and with a plte of gold coins on his lap. On the left are Pharaoh’s magicians, among them Jethro, Balaam and Job, prophesying that Moses will rule over Egypt.