fol. 7v     

In the top compartment: Aaron, with his rod, is standing on the right beside a river with Moses behind him. In the centre Pharaoh is sitting, crowned, beside a bed, surrounded by his magicians, among a swarm of frogs. On the left, a baker finds frogs in his oven; above, a woman is kneading dough in a trough with frogs in it. Frogs cover the background. Inscribed with Ex. 7:28, 8:1, 4. — In the lower compartment: Moses is standing in the centre, next to Aaron, who is pointing downwards with his rod. On the left is Pharaoh, crowned and enthroned, surrounded by his magicians, with a woman combing her hair at his feet. On the right is a building with closed wooden doors, and behind it a crenellated wall, representing the city of Goshen. Inscribed with Ex. 8:12-13, 15.