fol. 6r     

In the right compartment: Moses is standing on the right pointing at a snake, beside a turreted building inscribed “The Land of Goshen”, with a group of Israelites behind him. On the left the crowned Pharaoh sits surrounded by his magicians. An oriental lamp hangs from the centre of the arch. Inscribed with Ex. 7:10. — In the lower compartment: Aaron, holding a rod, and Moses are standing on the right nex to a pool of blood full of dead fish. A man kneeling beside the pool is digging for water with a mattock. In the centre stands Pharaoh, crowned and sceptre in hand, with his magicians behind him. On the left a man and two women are eating at a table, their cups filled with blood. Inscribed with Ex. 7:19, 21-24.