This manuscript – as it was usual in 14th-century Sefardic Haggadahs – originally started with a series of Biblical illustrations representing the most remarkable moments of the life of Moses (his finding in the river, his education, the burning bush, standing in front of the Pharaoh) and those of the Exodus (ten strokes, death and burial of the first-born children of the Egyptians, the command of the Pharaoh and the sacking of the Egyptians, exodus, crossing over the Red Sea, dance of Miryam and song of Moses, and the feast of the Passover). Later, when the codex was rebound – certainly before the 16th century, because the possessor’s note can be read on the new first page – these sheets were replaced in the wrong order. Bezalel Narkiss reconstructed the original order of the sheets and of the images in 1967. Gabrielle Sed-Rajna also published the order established by him in her study accompanying the facsimile edition of 1990 of the codex. Here below we also publish the Biblical illustrations in their original order, but provided with the present folio numbering. By clicking on the thumbnails, you can read the short interpretation of the scenes next to the enlarged images.